About Us

Our Story

Reluctantly finishing another shot of cinnamon whiskey during a night out in Newport Beach, Curran and Michael realized they needed something different. Every other spirit has multiple flavors, why did whiskey miss the invite? They wanted something unique, something that would complement whiskey’s natural taste and decided it was their job to be whiskey’s wingman. After a few years of searching and trying different things, they’re finally bringing whiskey to the party.
 About Curran

“We are all about enjoying life and embracing the positivity around us. We realize that there is a lot of negativity in the world, and it is easy to miss all of the good things happening everywhere. That is why we have motivational, inspiring, and positive quotes to remind people to take a step back and realize how amazing life is in this world.”

Born and raised in Southern California. Saint Joseph’s University finance grad. Fitness, car, and burrito enthusiast. In his free time you can find him quoting random movie lines, crushing green runs on his snowboard, and getting burnt at the beach.

About Michael

“We were getting tired of drinking plain whiskey and were disappointed in the limited flavor offerings. Whiskey has always been one of our favorite spirits, but we wanted to make it even better. That is why we created Gold Tooth, to create flavored whiskies with ingredients that complement whiskey’s natural taste and are enjoyable and delicious to drink.”

Chapman University graduate with a degree in Business Entrepreneurship. Aged & distilled in Southern California. Big fan of everything outdoors, fitness, and photography.