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Whiskey is for Women

Hey ladies! This one’s for you 😉 Whiskey isn’t just your grandpa’s drink anymore. There are many different styles and various ways to drink whiskey that eliminates the burn. If you’re already a whiskey girl and are tired of your friends saying, “Ew! Why do you like that?” Tell them because it’s f***ing delicious and share this article with them. And guys, if you’re trying to get your lady to drink whiskey, make sure you share these steps with her because “Roses are red, Violets are blue, Whiskey costs less than dinner for two.”

First: Choose A Glass Wisely

Use a classic rocks whiskey glass; those fancy tulip decanters are only for the artisans and true connoisseurs. If you’re new to whiskey, the tulip glass will make the spirit seem too harsh because it focuses the aroma to be directed straight up your nose. Stay away from highball glasses too, you won’t be able to taste the character of the whiskey because your nose is too far away and most of what you taste is the smell. The classic lowball is the perfect combination that allows you to enjoy the flavor without being punished.

Second: Sip It Like Some Fine Wine

Now it’s time to taste. Bring your nose over the edge of the glass for a light sniff with an emphasis on the light; you will get the most accurate sense of the intended aroma this way. Then sip, but don’t throw it back like a shot. Let it sit for a second to make sure it hits every taste bud.

Third: Hydrate

If you like it after that first sip, add some water or a couple cubes of ice. Water will open up the whiskey similar to decanting a wine. More aromas will be noticed and the taste may change a bit. Experiment with it.

Fourth: Drop It Low

If it’s still too strong and you’re thinking, “How can anyone like this?!” don’t give up on us. You probably tasted one of your grandpa’s that can knock you out with two fingers (pun intended). There are plenty of other types that are great for sipping and mixing like blended whiskeys. Choose a proof in the 60s to low 70s; these will be smoother and much easier to drink.

Fifth: Keep It Natural

Whiskey doesn’t like premade mixes; they are too concentrated and can overpower the originality of the spirit. Use fresh, homemade mixes and garnishes to accent and complement the spirit. If you’re mixing with juice, squeeze it yourself from fresh fruits. You can make syrups out of equal amounts of raw sugar and water. As for garnishes, try using the peel of a citrus fruit and rub it around the rim before dropping it in; you’ll be surprised at how it changes the flavor.

Last But Not Least: STOCK UP

With so many different styles, brands, and recipes, whiskey can be enjoyed year-round. The bold and smoky whiskeys are best in the fall and winter months while the light and airy whiskeys are best in spring and summer. Now, like any spirit or drink, you won’t like all of them so be adventurous and experiment with a few…you don’t have to marry any of them 😜

Put down the vodka and give whiskey a chance. These tips should help you realize why we all love The Water of Life and quickly find ones you enjoy. Come join us and the whiskey women of the world in sharing this delicious spirit!

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