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Whiskey vs. Food

Now that you love whiskey, you decide to throw a whiskey party with friends and family at your house. The rule is everyone brings their favorite whiskey and everyone samples each one. You can take it a step further and make it a competition or play different games, but we’ll talk about that another day.

So your guest list is set, you made sure there won’t be any duplicates, and everyone is excited. What’s next on the to-do list? Wait! What food do you serve with whiskey?! Don’t you worry, we did some research for you and found some tips and complementary pairings.


  • Choose foods that will bring out new characteristics in the whiskeys.
  • Flavors to avoid: very spicy, extremely bitter, and too garlicy. These flavors will overpower the natural whiskey flavors.
  • Fatty foods help whiskey flavors to be released in the mouth.
  • Be careful matching flavors. If the whiskey and the food are both smoky, one’s flavor may kill the other.
  • Try to match weights. Light whiskeys need light dishes like fish or sashimi. Heavy whiskeys need heavy dishes like lamb shanks or beef.
  • Don’t forget to consider aromas and mouthfeels. Again try to complement or match. You won’t want any combination to be unfavorable to the senses.



  • Smoky and spicy whiskeys pair well with strong cheeses like blue cheese, gorgonzola, and stilton.
  • Sweeter whiskeys pair well with light, soft cheeses like brie, camembert, and reblochon.

Dark Chocolate

  • Dark chocolate complements most whiskies well.
  • Usually, the darker the better.


  • Go for tangy and tarty.
  • Avoid anything too citrusy as it will overpower the whiskeys.

Pub Mix

  • The saltiness prepares the palate.
  • The mixture of flavors will awaken all of the taste buds so you will notice every characteristic in the whiskeys.


  • Strong, full-bodied whiskeys like proteins such as herb-smoked chicken, lamb, and beef.
  • Medium-bodied whiskeys like proteins such as steak, pork ribs, and venison.
  • Light-bodied whiskeys like proteins such as sushi, sashimi, and fish

We hope these tips will help you throw the best party ever! Let us know how it goes and if you need more help, we found this detailed chart that shows which meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, chocolate, and dairy to eat based on what type of whiskey you are drinking. Now go Make Your Mouth Rich in more ways than one!

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